Aeroponics is a technique of above ground cultivation that is being developed in horticultural and floricultural crops. This solution, although recent and sophisticated, is very efficient when mastered. BRUMSTYL, with its misting system, avoids too important temperature variations on the root of the plant which is not protected. In the same way, the high pressure misting maintains a controlled hygrometry.



Aeroponics requires oxygen and a water mist to saturate the air. In fact, the water spray, with a nutrient solution based on mineral salts, is deposited on all the roots. In this way, it envelops them and ensures their mineral supply. Thus, the productivity yield increases significantly.

The high-pressure fogger creates micro-droplets of water in the size of 10µ thanks to a high-pressure pump (70 bars) and fogging nozzles.  As a result, the humidity in the air increases considerably thanks to the ultra-fine droplet size that is deposited on the roots. Moreover, the vaporized water can be re-injected into the circuit so as not to waste it.

Finally, the misting technique for aeroponics has many advantages. We note a fast development of the plants, a saving in water, a maximization of oxygen on the roots and the elimination of the constraints compared to the culture on ground.

Brumisation de la culture aéroponique
Fogging for aeroponics