Welcome to our F.A.Q., where you’ll find answers to your questions about BRUMSTYL high-pressure misting. This short guide is designed to help you get started with your future misting project. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about your misting needs.

If your terrace has a structure (pergola, arch, wall, etc.) at least 2.20 m high, misting ramps are recommended. Fans are more suitable for areas without structures.

For an optimal misting system, you need a ¾ male threaded water inlet with a pressure of between 2 and 5 bar, plus a 220V electrical outlet and a water drain.

For an effective misting ramp, you need one nozzle for every 2.20 m of structure, and they should be spaced at least 75 cm apart.

A misting fan cools an average of 50m².

Yes, it’s possible to combine several misting fans, but depending on the total flow rate, the pump will change.

Legionella forms in stagnant water at a certain temperature. We use an automatic discharge system, so the water doesn’t stagnate, and the system is connected to germ-free mains water.
However, it is possible to add a UV filter.

Yes, it’s possible to feed the misting system from a water reservoir, but only if it’s placed high up for pressure, out of direct sunlight, and if the water is renewed frequently.

If the system is in good condition and annual maintenance is carried out, BRUMSTYL misting equipment can last for many years.

Yes, it is possible to extend the number of nozzles, provided you stay within the correct pump flow range.

At 70 bar pressure, very fine water droplets are produced, so that the adiabatic exchange between air and water takes place instantaneously, creating a mist that doesn’t wet.

This is not the case with low pressure, which creates coarser droplets that do wet.
The Eco misting pump is designed for use for around 6 hours a day, with a maximum distance of 25m between the pump and the last nozzle.

The Pro misting pump is for intensive use and a length of up to 75m. It also features internal water recycling.
If your water is high in limescale, it’s best to install a softener.

To find out the lime content of your water, the value is indicated on your water bill. If you don’t have any information on your water, you can try it without a softener, and if the nozzles clog up quickly, add a softener.
At BRUMSTYL, we offer you affordable prices, robust, professional-quality products and a quality mist that doesn’t get wet.

You can count on our speed and quality after-sales service at all times.

A misting split is mainly used in enclosed areas with little ventilation.

It all depends on your project. We select a nozzle size according to the surface area to be misted, then multiply the number of nozzles selected by their flow rate, which gives us the total flow rate of the installation, enabling us to choose a pump.

For example, for a surface area of 40m², we need one nozzle for every 2m², giving us 20 nozzles. We multiply the number of nozzles by their flow rate (0.066 l/min x 20), which gives us 1.32 l/min. So, to choose the optimum pump, we select a pump above this value, in this case, a 2l/min pump.

A valve can be added to separate part of the mist, but the minimum flow rate of the mist pump must be respected.

On average, a misting system consumes 0.55 kw/h.

This will depend on the ambient heat. It’s possible to test with 20 seconds of running every 40 seconds, then see, Ton + Toff > or = at 1min.