You wish to distribute our range of high pressure products and our misters in France or abroad?

  • Since 2006, BRUMSTYL designs and implements professional foggers and high pressure fogging stations in high demand markets.

  • Our development axis has always been and will remain the requirement of a high level of quality and satisfaction of the customers using BRUMSTYL solutions. In other words, in all sectors of activity, in all fields and applications referenced on our website.

  • BRUMSTYL’s financial stability and its development are the result of a corporate governance based on a solid entrepreneurial ethic. This is the case with both our customers and partners, in France and in more than 25 countries today.

  • The high pressure misting solutions designed by BRUMSTYL and our range of professional misters meet the European legal standards. They also apply to the foreign legislations of the countries that distribute our products.

  • BRUMSTYL’s constant and rigorous work is applied to our research and development work. For example, the optimization of industrial processes directly related to productivity. Then, BRUMSTYL’s technicality is validated by our in-house design office and our solutions are adapted to the quality procedures imposed by our “major accounts” customers.

  • Following the conduct of many projects and its management, the company BRUMSTYL is certified ISO9001:2015.

  • The objective of the partnership offers the opportunity to let you benefit from a proven methodology in conducting demanding projects. It also offers the maintenance of a high level of satisfaction of your customers users of BRUMSTYL solutions.

  • The partnership with our distributors/resellers ensures the durability of our reciprocal commitments. This commitment is based on the follow-up of the manufactured and marketed references, the stability of the acquisition prices registered in the “distributor” tariff, the maintenance of the delivery times and the treatment of the direct orders to BRUMSTYL, the punctual technical support in accompaniment of complex projects, the possible subcontracting of BRUMSTYL as a supplier/manufacturer for possible answers to public markets (possible co-contracting or project company with a view to mutualize professional, technical or financial means).

BRUMSTYL designs and implements professional foggers and high pressure fogging stations in high demand markets.