If you have any questions about the installation and commissioning of our misting systems, please contact us.



To date, BRUMSTYL has delivered and commissioned customized high-pressure misting stations and misters other than the ready-to-assemble and ready-to-use kits.

Once BRUMSTYL’s high-pressure misting systems have left our workshops, we deliver them on site to our customers.

What’s more, our misting systems are modular and easy to install. The BRUMSTYL misting system connects directly to the community’s water supply. Finally, installation is carried out by our technicians, who also take charge of the user, or by the local authority’s competent technical staff.

In addition, the transfer of technical skills covers the maintenance and operating rules of a professional misting system. Standard checking operations on the high-pressure misting station are carried out by the user. If necessary, once a year, by BRUMSTYL’s maintenance department for wintering on site or in the workshop. 
In this case, an annual maintenance contract commits BRUMSTYL to guaranteeing continuity of service and proper operation of the installed system.

A maintenance and operating manual is included on misters and self-assembly high-pressure misting stations (kits, mobile misters). This allows the user to remain autonomous for standard maintenance operations.

In all cases, BRUMSTYL’s after-sales service provides technical support. It can be called upon on an ad hoc basis outside the framework of an annual contract. And only for first-level technical resolutions, by telephone or e-mail.

installation et mise en service de brumatiseur Brumstyl
BRUMSTYL misting system installation and commissioning