Just like humans, animals suffer from extreme heat during hot spells. In fact, many animals do not have the same internal mechanisms that allow them to cope effectively with rising temperatures. It is our responsibility to support them.



First of all, a misting system allows animals to live comfortably in a regulated environment.

Also, to ensure their comfort, the misting system is used for different species of animals such as sheep, cattle, goats, rabbits, canines, birds, frogs, parrots, reptiles, llamas and even butterflies.

Too often we don’t consider the effects of high temperatures on animals!
However, the best rule of thumb is that if the temperature outside is too high for us, it is too high for the animals.

It is worth mentioning that pets traditionally have a higher internal temperature than their environment.

In addition, animals that require a high consumption of feed for breeding purposes or for the production of meat, milk, eggs lead to large amounts of heat.

With our high-pressure misting systems, it is possible to create large cooling areas. For this purpose, misting lines or misting fans are placed inside and outside the living areas.

Fogging can be used in zoos, animal parks, reserves, kennels, boxes, breeding buildings, aviaries and also in vans for transporting animals.

Finally, misted areas have many advantages for the living conditions of the animals and the objectives of optimizing reproduction, nutrition and improving the environmental conditions of the farms.

The natural and ultra fine misting to refresh animals in parks, zoos, kennels