The fogging or “fog system” plays an important role in horticultural greenhouses and agricultural greenhouses to control the climate. Our foggers allow to keep a good temperature and hygrometry of the environment with a natural or forced ventilation.



First, our humidification system controls the temperature by a cooling process. Moreover, it creates evaporation via misting lines positioned in the greenhouse.

In the same way, the water vapor expelled through the nozzles, makes the temperature drop and also cancels the hydric stress of the plants. Note also that this high pressure humidifier allows to increase the hygrometry in the greenhouse, in order to improve the culture of the plants.

Moreover, the misting technique is used for the cultivation of orchids, young shoots, tropical plants, flowering plants and cuttings.

In addition, the regulation of temperature and humidity is done by a high-pressure humidification system and special spray nozzles so as not to wet, which prevents diseases.

The high-pressure misting system consists of a high-pressure pump (70 bar), a filtration system, self-locking couplings, polyamide hose or stainless steel tube, spray nozzles, one or more solenoid control valves and a temperature and humidity control unit.

The principle consists in programming mist sequences via the timer (adjustable in seconds), until the desired hygrometry is obtained without wetting.

In the case of a greenhouse with a large number of chapels, it is possible to use cascade or sequential misting.
That is to say that the misting will start for a few seconds on a chapel and then move to another and so on. This is possible thanks to a programmed automaton within our company.

In short, this system makes it possible to have a “fog system” or a high pressure fogger at a lower cost.

Brumisation haute pression d'une serre horticole
High pressure misting of a greenhouse