Fogging is the most effective way for street vendors to display fresh foods. It’s also a great way to stand out from the crowd at fruit and vegetable, fish or meat stalls.

What’s more, a high-pressure fogger or an integrated fogging line is very useful, especially during the summer season.

However, in the hot season, certain vegetables such as lettuces tend to lose their water content very quickly. As a result, they become unmarketable.
To remedy this situation, a misting system sprays water in the form of micro-droplets without wetting the produce. In this way, it preserves the freshness and good looks of your early fruit and vegetables.

Take the other example of fishmongers and butchers who display their products on trailers or warehouse trucks. In fact, the latter are exposed to the heat during the summer, which doesn’t attract customers because the products don’t look fresh.

Installing a BRUMSTYL fogging system prolongs the shelf life of your fresh produce. Fish keeps its shiny appearance. What’s more, the fogger protects it from flies and other flying insects, and even odors.

The high-pressure sprayer is a real asset. Customers, intrigued by the misting effect and attracted by the refreshing effect on hot days, flock to BRUMSTYL.

What makes BRUMSTYL so special is its self-contained design. In other words, the misting kit contains a water supply and the system only requires electricity.
The boom is installed using quick-fit couplings to save time. Your misting system can be set up and dismantled in just a few minutes, without the need for tools.

To conclude, here are the advantages of a high-pressure misting system for a travelling salesperson:

  • preserve fresh foods
  • give a shiny appearance to certain products
  • repel flies and other pests
  • attract customers
  • eliminate waste
  • stand out from the crowd
Brumisation haute pression pour stand et remorque
High-pressure fogging for market stands and trailers