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frequently asked questions

All answers to your questions about misting and Brumstyl products
Is it better to put misting line or misting fan ?
It depends if the terrace has a minimum structure of 2.20m it is advisable to put misting line, fog fans are for areas without structures.
What is the power and water supply of the system ?
In general, a water supply must be provided in a ¾ “male threaded connector with a pressure between 2 and 5 bars, a 220V electric plug and a water outlet.
What should be the distance between the pump and the first nozzle?
Everything depends on the pump flow, if you have a long distance it will take more  longer to increase pressure, there is no pressure loss unless if the pump is hundreds of meters from the nozzles.
What is the servicing of the system ?
Change the filters every year or as soon as they are dirty, drain the pump every 500 hours and clean the nozzles.
On outside, how many nozzles it need for the lines ?
It needs one nozzle for about 2m2, it is necessary to space the nozzles of at least 75cm between them.
What space refreshes a misting fan ?
About 50m2.
Can we associate several fans ?
Yes, in function of the total flow rate, the pump will change.
Are there a legionella risk ?
The legionella is created in stagnant water at a certain temperature, we use an automatic discharge system so the water does not stagnate, moreover the system is connected on a city water supply free of germ. Nevertheless, you can add a UV filter.
Can we use a water tank ?
Yes, provided to put the tank in height for the pressure, not to expose it to the sun and to frequently renew the water.
What is the life time of the system ?
Many years if the system is in good condition, and that annual maintenance is done.
Can we add more nozzles later ?
Oui à condition de rester dans la bonne plage du débit de  la pompe.
Why we use 70 bars of pressure ?
To have water droplets that do not wet, because if the pressure is low the water droplets are big and therefore wet.
What is the difference between the 1l/min Eco pump and the 1l/min Pro pump ?
The Eco pump is for a use of about 6 hours per day and the distance between the pump and the last nozzle of about 25m max, while the pro pump is for an intensive use and a length of about 75m, it also has a recycling of internal water.
The water has limestone, what can we do ?
If the water is loaded with limestone, it is better to put a water softener, if you want to know the limestone content of your water the value is indicated on your water bill, if you do not know how, try without and if you see that the nozzles clog up too quickly, set up a softener.
What is the difference between Brumstyl and others companies ?
Competitive prices, quality products, the quality of the mist, the mist does not wet, the nozzles do not drip, the system is robust. Also the reactivity and the after sales service is assured.
When do we need to use misting split ?
In an closed area with little aeration.
How to size the pump?
First, a nozzle must be selected, for a terrace, take a 0.15mm nozzle, see its flow rate whether 0.04 l/min, multiply it by the number of nozzles, for example 20, then you have a total of 0.8l / Min, and choose the pump that is above this value so a pump 1 l/min.
Can we put a ball valve to separate a part of mist ?
Yes but only by respecting the minimum flow rate of the pump.
Is the system need lot of power ?
No, see the technical document.
What sequence should be set on the timer ?
It depends on the heat, test with 20 seconds of working every 40 seconds, then see, Ton + Toff> 1min.
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